• LEX PCS TRIOâ„¢ Install
  • LEX PCS TRIOâ„¢ Install
  • LEX PCS TRIOâ„¢ Install
  • LEX PCS TRIOâ„¢ Install

LEX PCS TRIOâ„¢ Install


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Power control for the full range of lighting, audio and video... RE-IMAGINED!

With its revolutionary design PCS TRIO™ is the only system to access all phases of power in a single panel. The ability to consolidate single and double pole relays as well as dimmers into one panel has never been accomplished until now!

Simplify your electrical installations with less cabling and conduit with a single panel solution.

Whether your application requires power management of LEDs, moving and incandescent lights, projection screens, powered speakers or other appropriate equipment, the revolutionary, patent-pending design of PCS TRIO™ enables power control over the widest equipment range within a single panel.

Where to use:

  • Theatres
  • Studios
  • Convention Centers
  • Houses of Worship
  • Schools & Universities
  • Gymnasiums
  • Auditoriums
  • ...anywhere light, sound and video need to be powered.

Product Features:

  • Deliver power to a wide range of devices in a single panel
  • Modules connect dimmers, single pole, and double pole relays to all phases of power
  • Integrate easily with other power control and management devices
  • Supports the following control protocols: DMX-512A, RDM, E1.31 sACN and Art-Net.
  • Module Based Sensors react to over-temperature on a per module, rather than per panel basis
  • Chamber Controller provides both local and remote operation of modules
  • (6) Module types may be placed in the Module Chamber in any order or combination the application requires
  • Patent-pending "plenum" design leverages natural heat convection

Module Chamber

  • Available in; four, eight or sixteen modules.
  • Capable of being mounted as a separate component to facilitate landing of conduit and pulling of cabling.
  • Module Chambers ship ready for installation.
  • Line wiring lugs located in the module chamber for hot, neutral and ground.
  • The rack carries a minimum fault current protection rating of 100,000 AIC.
  • Load wiring terminals located in the module chamber for line connections are clearly marked with the slot designation.
  • System functions without noticeable affect within an ambient temperature range of 32Ëš F to 104Ëš F.

Chamber Controller:

  • Supports the following control protocols: DMX-512A, RDM, E1.31 sACN and Art-Net.
  • Simple navigation five-button keypad on front of the face panel with backlit two line, 20 character LCD display.
  • Store up to eight user programmable presets.
  • A recorded preset serves as an "emergency" look (UL924) and is activated from a remote source.
  • Local control allows keypad entry for setting individual circuits to specific levels for "RIG CHECK".
  • An "ALL ON" function activates modules without the need for initial rack setup.
  • Ethernet connection (Neutrik® etherCON®) accessible on the front face of the faceplate for access to Ethernet based communication networks.

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